November 01, 2006

Chinese Wax Ball

So, I go up at 6:00AM twice in a row to apply to a job before my temping job starts and instead, I bring you "Chinese Wax Ball!".

I was going through my drawers in the office, looking for a marker in my new cubicle, when i came upon this white, red and orange stamped box. Like Alice through the Looking Glass, I couldn't help but open it, thinking there would be a miniature inking pad and stamp in there. No dice. It revealed this perfectly spherical, yellow wax ball. I jiggled it and noticed that there was something large moving in there. Try as I might, no amount of throwing, biting or stabbing would get it to open. Then I gently pushed it on its seams and TA-DA, it opened! Revealing, revealing....

A licorice-smelling waxy ball.

Does anybody know what the heck it is? The mystery deepens.

(Note: this does not mean I get nothing done at work. I am actually very productive during the day. Please hire me, and I promise I won't go through your drawers...much)


Anonymous said...

The plot thickens!

Glad to see you're still your curious and intriguing self !

*hugs* and good luck in the job search !


dedicris said...

My flipping rocks, you becoming a sick European-minded lazy worker. Rush out American Girl, enter the next bank and tell the fucking banker you want $1 billion to invest in the yellow-ball toy before Xmas. He would be shy and not dare to ask you -What's this thing? -. STRUDEL

dedicris said...

Who stole my America? Redskins. Ford T . Stan & Oliver. Now you answer ads, get interviews, are told -WeLetYouKnow- . Just like us.

Many (sigh) many years ago, hijacking in Germany I met a parĂ  of the most famous Folgore Brigade in Africa in ww2,he was working as a driver for Herz comapny. Many (sigh) many years later, as a management consultant I met a second Folgore parĂ , he was working as an accountant in a factory. Work sucks for the bravest too. STRUDEL

Laura said...

Darn, I keep checking back to see if someone knows what this thing is. The curiosity is killing me!

Anonymous said...

That wax ball is a chinese herbal pill. I don't know the brand exactly, but on the side it says (in Chinese) "Kidney Tonic". The Chinese Medical concept of Kidney is in charge of sexual ability. These pills are commonly used by men to enhance their Kidney power (like herbal viagra).