July 22, 2010

Beauty and the Geek

As you may know, my sister is a super star. She's a medical student at the University of Sydney, she does research on the side, and researches and helps to produce a weekly science radio show called Diffusion Science Radio.

Last week, the cast did a very interesting piece on the TV show called Beauty and the Geek dispelling the myth that geeky guys are socially inept and whimpy, and pretty girls are dumb and superficial. This is what they had to say about it.


July 15, 2010

Timeline of a Dryer

You'd be surprised how useful a dryer is. Sure, you may fancy yourself a new-age hippy of sorts, but let's be honest: a dryer is much more useful than a cloth line when you have few clothes, need them unwrinkled for the next work day, and have a damp basement.

Well, when I bought the house, the inspector told me the dryer was working fine (and that the roof was sound, ya right). It took my roommate about 2 weeks to convince me that it actually wasn't drying at all, another 2 weeks for me to test it out, and 1 week to order it at Home Depot.

When it came to the house, 1 full month after we'd moved in, the Home Depot guys took a quick look at my basement, and announced that I needed a GAS dryer, not the ELECTRIC dryer I ordered. Oh boy. I didn't even know gas dryer existed.

Took me another 1 week to go to Home Depot to ask for a reimbursement, and figure out how to order a new one. 1 more week for me to get my money back, and finally order a new gas dryer. I was extremely meticulous in the online purchase, making sure that it was gas, I got the extra cord and duct, asked for removal of the old machine and installation of the new one.

So, almost 2 months after moving in, we should have a dryer on Tuesday! Wish me luck!

I'm staying cool and calm, because things could be worse, way worse. Case in point: the story of a woman who went 2 weeks without a toilet (read on to see what she did in her apartment to compensate), and 1 month without a shower.


July 13, 2010


I am very happy to report that, after much plunging, squeamish high-pitched screaming, laughing from roommate downstairs, poking with an opened hanger, and gritting of teeth, the toilet finally got unclogged.

The house is no longer on the market.

Oh the Joys of Home Ownership

Yesterday, my upstairs toilet backed up.

So I did what any self-respecting owner would do: I called my roommate and asked him if he had been having trouble with the toilet. Perhaps he threw a condom in there? Or his girlfriend tried to flush down a tampon? Alas, I had only myself to blame for it.

Steps for Unsuccessfully Clearing a Toilet Bowl:

1 - So imagine if you will, me trying to flush the toilet, but the water coming perilously close to the edge of the bowl.

2 - Run downstairs to get a bucket and a plastic container to scoop out the water progressively and dump it in the downstairs bathroom. Repeat 5 times trying not to leave droplets on the floor. While you are visualising the scene, please keep this in mind: the bowl is not, err hum, clear (if you know what I mean).

3- Thoroughly disinfect bowl, bucket, container, hands and nails, floor and anything you may have come in contact with, or breathed on.

4 - Take a long shower to ensure extra cleanliness.

5 - Go on the internet and search for astute and innovative ways to clear clogs.

6- Try the dishwashing liquid and hot water trick.

7 - Wake up the next day to note with satisfaction that the liquid has spontaneously dropped back down.

8 - Flush toilet and note with disappointement that the toilet is indeed still clogged.

9 - Call roommate again. Finally capitulate to plunging the toilet.

So I'll let you know how that goes tomorrow, when said roommie brings home a new plunger. He has heroically stated that he will stay in the doorway (within hearing distance of the toilet, but not within seeing distance) to encourage me while I plunge away.

I am thinking about reselling already. Anybody interested?