June 14, 2014

Mandarin Cake

Ever since watching The Wonderful Life of Walter Mitty, I've been craving Mandarin Cake. Finding none anywhere and being particularly desperate, I started preparing one as soon as I woke up on Saturday (sadly at about 6:30 am.)

Now you must understand that I NEVER bake. I cook rather often,  but baking is a whole other beast, necessitating special cookware and at times elusive ingredients.

While I was mixing the olive oil, milk, vanilla, and mandarin zest portion, I called my sister in Australia.  Getting her on the phone can sometimes be a crusade, given that she lives in Australia so is about 12-14 hours ahead,  she's an ER doctor, and her schedule changes from working nights to days more often than I change my underwear. ANYWAYS, I managed to connect to her this morning.  And get this.  She was just about to sit down to eat the fresh Orange Cake she just baked!

If I believed in a cosmic connection, this would be a strong contender for one!