May 19, 2004

Who knew...I'm actually graduating.

Today's Graduation day. As my parents are fond of saying "who knew that you were smart enough to get a Masters degree?". Well no thanks to you both for boosting my confidence!

I practiced wearing my gown and cap yesterday and couldn't quite figure out how the long neck train should hang. Should the majority of the train be in the front or in the back? Do I hide my hands in the sock-like sleeves or actually pull my arm through the holes? I think I ordered my cap too large because it's flapping when I walk. Sigh...I'll just have to secure it with bobby pins. I finally managed to vest myself in a fashion closely resembling normalcy.

I have this recurring dread that my long gown will get caught underneath my heels and I'll come flying off the stairs and land with a loud smack right in front of the Dean. This actually happened to one of my friends during High School graduation. I wish I hadn't laughed then.

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