July 07, 2004

The Rainforest Incident-a Near Death Experience

"Rainforest walks around Mission Beach can get exciting if you meet a Southern Cassowary. This large, flightless, blue bird is an endangered species that needs protection even though it can disembowel you with its toenail"

"(1) Do not run (pictogram: 6 foot Cassowary eyeing a skinny tourist)
(2) Without turning retreat slowly (pictogram: the large Cassowary is getting closer to said skinny tourist)
(3) If the bird becomes aggressive, place a solid object such as a tree between yourself and the bird. If nothing is available, hold an object such as an item of clothing or backpack in front of you and continue to back away slowly (pictogram: skinny tourist brandishing a heavy, iron shield in front of body while Cassowary back away)"

We decided to do a rainforest walk at dusk...because the animals are up at dusk Ammo said. Interpid explorers that we are, we walked around with not a care in the world... Until Ammo excitedly shakes his arm in the direction on the forest. There, I see a huge (6 foot at least) Cassowary look threateningly in my direction. Ammo takes a zillion pictures WITH FLASH of this threatening creature, which doesn't fail to excite it even more.

The Cassoawry takes even more notice of me and walks cautiously towards me. Then I remember the guide descriptions and the sign. I decide that my thin polo shirt would offer me little protection from the evil bird and unfortunately, I forgot my special Cassowary iron shield. So...I run as fast as my little legs take me. At the end of the incident, I see Ammo laughing to tears. I am told that I ran quite fast.

Endangered or not, I would have clobbered that Evil thing with my bags if it had gotten closer.



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Anonymous said...

Dorothee is the biggest wuss I've ever met :) It was just a big bird! Hardly 30cm high!