August 18, 2004


Well, I've only been in the country for two weeks and I've already gotten a pretty nasty cold (it's 90 degrees outside, can you believe getting a cold! perposterous!) and the unmentionable I-have-to-run-to-the-bathroom-every-10-minutes sickness. I am hoping to get all the sicknesses out of my system in the first month. So next week I'm looking to get Malaria and the week after that, some kind of Instestinal Hookworm.

I have been told time and time again, NOT to drink unfiltered water, the bleach my vegetables for 30 minutes and to wash my hands before, during and after a meal. Easier said than done: I had the unfortunate experience of starting my job right when a major proposal was due. As a result, I have been spending ten to twelve hour days at the office and I was "given the choice" to stay 16 hours over the weekend too. I'm complaining but it's actually really interesting stuff. Anyways, it's hard when you get home by 9PM to think about bleaching your veggies.

I am now on the BRAT diet:
A-Apple sauce

And seeing as I don't actually have a toaster and apple sauce is hot commodity here (meaning that you'd pay through the nose for it), I'm more on a BR diet. Bbbrrrr...


Anonymous said...

Hmmm... You could also get leprosy, Guinea worm (look it up -- it's disgusting), or the dreaded Athlete's Foot...

We're looking forward to all these wonderful things in Madagascar, where you can be sure we will boil everything in bleach before eating. But a bout of tourista (diarrea, for the ignorant) is great for the figure, a quick way of losing those extra pounds! (Not that you need to, of course.)

Maman (typed by Dad)

Nona said...

Every thing about brat diet