August 26, 2004

Giant critters

This morning, I walk in my kitchen --eyes half shut with sleep-- to find a HUGE cockroach scurrying across my kitchen floor. I emitted a supersonic scream and grabbed for the RAID spray that the old tenant left in the apartment. I sprayed and sprayed and sprayed some more. And when I thought I was done, I sprayed again for good measure. I think the poor bug died of drowning.

I'm off to buy some more crates of RAID.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm... You spraid raid until the poor beast was raid mort... But what a waste of good protein! When you have caught a couple, put them on a skewer and make a shish kabbob.

Bises (from you know who)

i.e. from Dad and Mom

Congogirl said...

Maybe you are used to them by now, but here is a bit of info that probably will not make you feel better (it took me years of living in New Orleans to get over the serious jitters). The really big guys are actually palmetto bugs. They live outside and usually end up in your house by accident, when the air outside is cooler and they want to warm up. They eat flower and plant material. The roaches you have to look out for are the small ones wanting to get into your rice! Don't get me wrong, though, I still kill 'em. Or my cat does, and I sweep 'em up. How about getting a cat?