August 05, 2004

Laundry facilities?


In the morning, I gather all my courage and brave the busy streets alone to buy some more essentials like cutting boards, knives and towels.

Rain this time of year is not usual? My ass! It starts raining so hard that I have to mop the kitchen, the bedroom and the living room with old towels. This rain is crazy intense: it is so thick that it looks like someone has hung up of sheer white piece of cloth in the sky. As I am writing this, I take breaks to mop some more.

A conversation with Frank on the whereabouts of a laundry facility proves once again fruitless…Until I ask, “do people do there own washing by hand?”. He answers yes. Oh. I promptly get the two basins from my balcony and clean them out with Chlorox and dish washing detergent. These will be my laundry facilities for the next year. Sigh…

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Congogirl said...

This was the genesis of my laundry problems--so remember I thought it would be a good idea to get a domestique? But she didn't wash some of the clothes. One theory is that she thought she should iron them, because logically one day a week is wash, one is iron. Maybe that was my bad...The other theory is that she had worked at TASOK (The American School of Kinshasa), where they have machines, so she thought she would make a judgment call on which clothing needed washing vs. simply needed to be aired out!

My apartment does not sound nearly as nice as yours, and most of the furniture/other items are CRS hand me downs. Considering there was a budget allocated for me, though, the Trocaire (Ireland) intern came up with the brilliant idea of spending it on a washing machine! So, we have one now, for the 3 of us in my parcelle, but it is taking some getting used to...the cycles are sometimes 3 hours long!