September 14, 2004

Run Against Bush

Would you believe it? We actually staged a "Run against Bush" in Dakar, Senegal! Ok Ok so we're not very athletic and it's stifling hot here so it was a more like a "Fast Walk against Bush". But I will proudly state that we are the only "Run Against Bush" group outside the United States. Yep, not even the French have organized this!

Colonialism's break up with Senegal has left it in a sad state. The country is now trying to create ties with the United States. This would explain why we (of Senegalese, French, Cameroonian, and Canadian origin) were told not to stage the Run lest we particularly want to be followed by the Special Police. Instead, the group wore white shirts and a few of the more courageous men wore the Blue "Run against Bush" shirts.

Despite our rather sad visibility, we had loads of people approach us to ask us what we were doing and discuss politics with us--invariably, this turned to Cote d'Ivoire's struggle and why we were not staging a "Run Against Cote d'Ivoire's Troubles". Sigh. We were also asked if our little walk would change the way the American public would vote, especially since Bush is currently in the lead. Our Senegalese friend very pertinently answered that this was not the point. The point was to show people what we believe in. Right on!

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