October 18, 2004

Halloween and things generally associated with Autumn

I miss the leaves turning red, orange, brown and yellow. It's still very hot but it seems (gasp, dare I say it?) to be getting a wee bit cooler now.

I miss Halloween and the cheesy, gaudy store decorations that come with the holiday. I went to a crafts fair yesterday and met the Community Liaison Officers of the American Embassy--a glorified term for Party Organizers. They were telling me of a Halloween party organized for adults. One of the ladies was getting a witch costume made by local tailors. I stiffled a giggle, imagining a white lady with an African print dress and assorted pointed hat, braids in her hair, Senegalese sandals and straddling a home-made little broom that people use to sweep their balconies here. Scary costume indeed.

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