October 11, 2004

New Office

My boss asked me to move to an office closer to his. The office I work in right now is to the right of the main door. He finds it disconcerting that I can come into work and never even be seen. I chose not to be offended by that (I'll let you know that my attendance record is exemplerary) and said, "sure boss that's no problem".

Problem. The last two tenants of the office were men. Dirty men. As I was going through the hundreds of magazines, drawers, file cabinets and manuals, I found the following items: a rotten mouse with little insects running in and out of it, two used women underwear (I swear this is true), 2 chest x-ray and various blood works (of results that I will keep confidential), fake greasy black hair with pins still attached, a once-white now-beige sweater, a black tablecloth, 5 computer attachments and a pc battery, 4 large batteries, 3 colorful spools of embroidery thread, etc.

I spent all day dusting, ripping out the ugly 1970s shapeless posters, sorting issues by date, and generally being disgusted. Now are these proper working conditions I ask you? It's Monday now and I am embarking on yet more dusting and cleaning. My job description doesn't including maid services; I should get paid overtime for this.

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Congogirl said...

It seems you may have been duped--are you sure the switch wasn't suggested because he knew that there were probably things like dead mice, panties, and BLOOD WORK in there??