November 23, 2004

My kingdom for some gas

Since it is the end of Ramadan, the twins have been reunited. Upon returning to the kitchen and hearing their jibber jabber, I realized that I had really missed them. Ah, to be Siamese again! Today, the custodian introduced them to the wonders of the microwave. Much like Vanna White smiling stiffly while turning those letters around, he showed them various features of the white box. They exclaimed their wonder in the same voice ranges.

My boss wanted to get tea but unfortunately, the teacup just ran out of hot water. So I arranged for some hot water to be heated in the microwave. Behold the wonder of the microwave! I think that I scored serious points. I am patiently waiting my end of year bonus :)

I ran out of gas about two weeks ago, in the midst of cooking myself a monster meal. I
discovered that half cooked pasta and veggies are pretty inedible. I've been so lazy about getting
new gas that I decided instead to eat the following items:
(1) fruit (does not need to be cooked),
(2) bread (does not need to be cooked),
(3) paté (does not need to be cooked),
(4) crakers (do not need to be cooked),
(5) cheese (does not need to be cooked).
Whoever said that necessity was the mother of invention was a pure genius (although some
would argue in this case that laziness is the grandmother of invention). Yesterday I got around
to asking two stores if they had any gas. Seems like there's a Dakar-wide shortage.
D'oh. Serves me right.

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