November 03, 2004

Wait, he hasn't lost yet!

I have had many "awww so sorry for your loss" comments about the election at work.

First of all, this is not very smart. I am angry and could induce bodily harm to colleagues if they taunt me too much about the elections.

Second of all, friends have resorted to extreme measures should Bush win: one wants to start a support group that would involve lots of chocolate, another is seriously considering moving the New Zealand.

To which I respond, HOLD YOUR HORSES, HE HASN'T LOST YET. It's a really close race and your ill predications are not helping. So close your eyes really tight, wish upon a star and wait for the miracle. I'm convinced it'll happen.


Anonymous said...

Moving to New Zealand isn't extreme!! Hobbits, here I come!!!!!

Congogirl said...

I will be adding New Zealand to the list. Since I don't foresee staying in DRC for another 4 years, my back-up plan is to use my feminine wiles to make the cute Canadian fall in love with me, and barring that option, play the pity card and see if he will marry me because I need citizenship!