February 02, 2005

Today is Good Day

"Today is a Good Day".

My sister and brother will probably remember the phrase. It comes from one of those Sci-Fi anthologies that we use to read when we were kids (Ahem *clears throat* and when we were adults, let's admit to that too). It's about a little boy who had powers and can kill people if things don't go his way. So the poor villagers tip-toe around him, pretending everything is always fine and always say "today is Good day".

OK OK so it's freaky, but today really IS a Good day. I'm in a good mood and for some reason everything is delightful.

I went out to eat at the usual restaurant and our waitress had nice weaves in her hair and put on eyeliner and lipstick. She actually smiled at us and was quite fast with giving us change, for once.

On the way back I saw three little Senegalese girls with white frilly dresses running down the street. So incredibly cute.

It's already 3:30PM and I didn't even see the time fly.

Today is a Good day.


Red Handed Jill said...

so what did you order at the restaurant? i'm always interested in what people eat in other countries.

007 in Africa said...

Well, this being a little Senegalese side restaurant (it's actually pretty sophisiticated if you consider that they have plastic tablecloths and wrap their cutlery in paper napkins), they only have three daily dishes. You'd think that I would get sick and tired of the same dishes but Nooo. They always have Yassa poisson (a nicely grilled whole fish with onion sauce--the best part is the soft flesh right behind the brain, I wear) with rice and Yassa poulet (a huge grilled piece of chicken with bones and all with the onion sauce) with rice. Yesterday I have Yassa poulet with veggies instead of rice. Yum! It was incredibly filling and satisfying :)

Anonymous said...

Are you sure your quote isn't from Star Trek? "Today is a Good day... to die." (Worf) :)

Red Handed Jill said...

yum, sounds good. we have some friends from tanzania (not sure if that's anywhere close to you) and when they make this stew called ndolo that i really love. i would go to africa just for the food, lol.

007 in Africa said...

Ammo, *groan*, you are such a dork.

Red Handed Jill, Tanzania is waaay on the other side of Africa so the food must be pretty different. I'll go check it out someday...If I'm lucky (or get Tanzanian friends in the states :)

Anonymous said...

Today is a GOOD day.
Oof, I still get goosebumps simply reading that.
The funny thing is, even know, that story will pop up in my head. Or the one about the tubers-- did you read that one? Or the one with all the different mutated types of humans that are certain that THEY are the true humans of old.
Mmm, I miss those books.