March 02, 2005

Good-Bye Senegal, Hello Congo!

So, as it turns out, I'm leaving Senegal forever to work in the Democratic Republic of Congo for a period of two to four years. The implications of that are both terribly frightening and terribly exciting.

Things I need to do before I leave:

1. Get cavities filled (for some reason, when my dentist heard that I was leaving, she suddenly found six teeth to fix before I leave!)
2. Get plane ticket (I am leaving in 2 weeks and still don't have my plane ticket--insanity)
3. Pack all the shit that I've accumulated and send it through a moving company (who knew that six months would be enough to have a truckload of junk?)
4. Wrap-up a lot of work things
5. Go to all the cool places I haven't been to yet (scratch that, it's impossible)
6. Freak out a little about my next posting (this is an on-going activity)

Ugh. Anyone care to visit me there?


Anonymous said...

Wow, I guess it's really official now that you've mentioned it in your blog... Please don't stay there too long!! 4 years is an eternity.
But try to stay long enough to give me a chance to visit ;)

Anonymous said...

Sweetie, no matter how much you freak out now (as we all do once in a while) - it'll turn out ok...

And you know very well that at least 3 of your friends DO INTEND to visit you.

Go gettem Kinshasa Girl ! (err sorry, Kongo Girl was already taken...)


Congogirl said...

Oh, first of all, you didn't sign any contract for 2-4 years. That's what I keep telling myself! Second, the first 6mos are the hardest. Know that, for worse AND for better! Third, you may not be leaving Senegal forever! If you count R&R, we get 5 weeks off a year :)

007 in Africa said...

Ammo--somehow, I don't doubt that you'll get around to visiting me.

Marie--I would be honored if you came for a visit. I'll make sure to scout the areas with Gorillas so we can camp in the rainforest and do some primate watching.

CongoGirl--Thanks for making me always see the positives! 5 weeks vacation does sweeten the deal :)