March 04, 2005

Things Fall Apart

A mere two weeks --two weeks!-- before I have to leave to Congo, my phone started to spontaneously shut down, my camera won't shut its shutter and my laptop's mouse pad was unresponsive to my desperate attempts of directing the little pointer arrow (not to mention that it could only stand alone for 5 minutes before I had to plug it back in). Four light bulbs went out as soon as I flicked the switches on, I now live in near darkness.

Why oh why must Things Fall Apart just before I am about to leave?

Yesterday, a friend of mine saved all my documents on CDs, reinstalled windows XP with extra goodies like Page maker and partitioned my hard drive so that my programs would be on the C: drive and my documents on D: drive (this is a brilliant scheme to prevent viruses from infecting my documents). I was so grateful I ordered us loads and loads of food from this great restaurant (appetizers, main dish and dessert--the whole works).

I now have a clean computer with new battery (ordered from and sent through a friend at the US embassy), a new phone with a little plastic cover to protect it from the dust, and my camera actually worked fine all along (it turns out that the two sets of batteries that I used where no good--I don't recommend using locally manufactured batteries). My lights are still not working but I'm moving out soon.

Ah, I feel clean again (with the nagging doubt that I'm waaaaay too reliant on technology--who said going to Africa makes you less materialistic?).


Victoria said...

Hmm, Things Fall Apart. Did Ms. Puriek make you read that book too, with Okonkwo and the egwugwus? I know she was obsessed with it when I was taking OIB... I'm glad to know things are going a little better now.. I still have to get around sending your package :-)
P.S. I saw the H.M.S. Pinafore today, and it made me think of Will before puberty! Aww!

Congogirl said...

Well... looks like you have had a little Kinshasa karma recently. Bokani arrived Saturday night to intermittent electricity and water availability, minus one bag. But, you shouldn't have any baggage problems -- we have determined that the only problems arise between Europe and the US.

007 in Africa said...

Vick--Ms Piurek, Bless Her Soul, was a surprisingly effective teacher. For all her forgetfulness, tales of her dog, crazy dressing and combing hair habits, I actually remember most of the books we had to read in English class. Can't wait for my package. HMS Pinafore conjures images of Will's high voice and blush on his cheeks. Lol, what a dork but what a nice voice he had!

Congogirl--Ouch, that doesn't sound like much fun...I really really hope not to lose a suitcase (I'm also sending most of my stuff with DHL). Can't wait to get there though! See y'all soon.