April 10, 2005

My first day out with the car

*Dad says "Have they warned everyone in Congo?"*

Any of you who know my driving record are probably shuddering and hope that innocent pedestrians have not been killed by my car.

None that I know of so far. I think.

I have been coveting a beautiful terra cotta planter with white leaves designs for several days now. This morning, I bargained for what seemed like hours, created a rapport with Eve (the gardener from the side of the street), got a Jasmine plant repotted in the planter and finally got the whole package placed in my car. I was so happy with my purchase, though I know that I probably paid way to much for it.

I was happily driving along the road when I hit a bump on the road a little too enthusiastically. The planter fell on its side and broke in 5 pieces...NOOooooo! I spent 30 mins scooping dirt from the back of the trunk, reloading my Jasmine in a cardboard box (so sad looking) and gathering the piece of my broken heart...I mean of my broken planter.

I am so sad. My friend said she'd lend me her super-glue.


Anonymous said...

Well, as long as it's only the planter and not your femur... Btw does the car come with a siren?


007 in Africa said...

Haha Dad, very funny.

khm said...

Noooo! I did that with a pretty, purple tea pot. Mind you, it was from a dollar store ten minutes from my home, but it still hurt!

Beaver said...

I feel priviledged to drive in Montreal (by the way, some streets here are Senegal worthy :)