April 01, 2005

Surely, I'm going to hell

A few days ago, a really smiley religious sister came for a visit to the office. She was here to see the Congolese doctor who works next to me, and having seen her before, I was very polite and offered her a chair.

When she was done with the doctor, she pulled me aside to talk to me outside the office "just for a minute".

I happily obliged.

Sister: I have no money for the transport, could you give me money?
Me (visibly cringing): Sorry, I can't do that.

I quickly darted back the office feeling ashamed. I must look really young, fresh, naive and new.

Surely, I'm going to hell for this one.


Anonymous said...

Oh don't worry, there are so many things you've done to merit going to hell that this won't make a difference ;)

Beaver said...

Haa ! sounds more insidious than that dude with his association in Dakar...

Hell is paved with good intentions, you've got a 1st place ticket ! (just joking, St Peters waiting and smiling...)

Anonymous said...

Je pense que tu aurais pu lui donner un peu d'argent (car tu n'as rien donner pour la quete je jour de Paques.....ah, ah, ah....)

Nous partons dans 3 mn au Vakuna Lodge pour le week-end et esperons voir quelques lemuriens.



007 in Africa said...

Well, if you are both going to be in hell, than heck, I want to be there too (who wants to be stuck in a heaven full of goodie-two-shoes)!

Mom, peut-etre que j'aurais du, mais sinon elle aurait commence a m'en demander a chaque fois qu'elle vient... En tout cas, j'espere que tu as vu bcp de Lemuriens.

MEGHAN! said...

I'll be praying for your redemption :) I'm reading all of your postings wishing I was still on the wonderfully alive and adventurous continent. Enjoy it all, or at least keep the sense of humor when you encounter the parts difficult to enjoy.