April 07, 2005


**The internet is super slow during the week at the office and so am I reduced to coming to work at 6:30 PM on a Sunday after a day at the pool to satisfy my need to blog...pathetic**

I spent 6 days last week without electricity and water. Before you roll your eyes in your sockets or rub your forefinger and thumb thinking "this is the world smallest violin", please consider the consequence:
-no a/c,
-pitch black annex after 6:00PM,
-bucket baths in the evenings hoping that you're not rubbing soap in your hair and shampoo on your body,
-eating a lot of stuff out of cans,
-and trying to color coordinate your work clothes just by the feel of the fabric.

Considering we had several important meetings at the office and a proposal to finish ASAP, this was just unliveable. So the New Arrival and I ended up sleeping at Congo Girl's apartment (who incidently has become our temporary guide to the city, collegue, chauffeur, pharmacist and personal assistant--I owe you one) on the floor, then a male collegue's apartment on the sofa (who didn't own a single piece of cutlery but all the condiments in the world, I am not joking. We ate pasta with large plastic spoons, but I dare say that the mango chutney and pieces of dried cranberries did indeed lend an exotic flare to the dinner), then back to the annex. We did finally complain loud enough that our landlord decided to come off his throne and lend us a hand with fixing the problems.

When the water and electricity finally got fixed, we heard loud cheers coming from the neighbor's children. It seems that they also did not have electricity or water but never bothered to do anything about it. I understand that there are power shortages here and there, but 6 days? Un-be-live-a-ble.

I am finally catching up from my lack of sleep from the previous 6 days. I can confidently say that it is possible for a person to be relatively pleasant to one's boss on just 4 hours of sleep everynight... Well, at least, I think that was my boss, it could have been the maid for all I know.

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