May 14, 2005

The End of my Trip

The end of my trip consisted of the following travels:

-May 3rd 2005, back to Luambo

-May 4th 2005, still in Luambo

-May 5th 2005, back to Luiza

-May 6th 2005, back to Kananga

-May 7th 2005,still in Kananga

We miss our plane ride because the weather is forboding and frankly, the 7-seater plane is not up to braving the unfriendly skies. We have dinner with the pilots, one of which turns out to be an American History buff and tells us about “exciting” battles in all of our respective states. It’s weird to be in a small city in Congo, reminescing about the States.

-May 8th mai 2005, back to Kinshasa
After a harrowing trip, I now consider Kinshasa my home, sweet home. I get patted on the back from coolegues for my trip back from the “deep Congo”. By the end, I am so exhausted that I go to sleep by 8:30PM for 4 days in a row.

As I write this, I have been working for three weeks straight and am looking forward to taking my much-needed vacation in the states. Yeah!


Anonymous said...

Hi kiddo, like the stats. Why no photos anymore?

Number of exhausted, dirty aid workers provoking hilarity among local population: 1


Your dad.

Magali said...

When are you going to the States? Ready for a new culture shock?...