May 02, 2005

Eye-opening visit 2

(alternative title “Redemption”)

Day Five
Location: Luambo
Date: 04/30/05
Hours of Driving: 6

Today we visit the Hôpital Général of the Région. It is run by a nun who has a firm grasp of her registers, her pharmacy and holds a well organized Management Comity every month. The birthing room has little but every utensil is boiled and sterilized. I learn that it’s quite common for patients to leave an object as a form of payment. As a result, the hospital has a load of old useless bicycles, suitcases etc in their backyard. People will hock their objects for years without reimbursing their debts.

The nun assures us that she was able to sell an old rifle last week though. Ugh, that’s great sister, great work recovering lost costs.

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Anonymous said...

And if she's lucky the rifle will bring her new clients!