June 29, 2005

All's Well

Today is the 29th. One day before the 30th of June.

All seems calm, as per usual. People are not any tenser in the streets although my office is becoming much like a busy hive trying to prepare everything before our extended weekend (30th of June to the 3rd of July).

I have been working for the past three weekends and am starting to feel quite drained. We are setting up in a closed compound for 4 days to work on a proposal and our logistics person is rushing to get us a scanner, a generator should the electricity be cut off, a CD of all relevant files from our shared drive and all the documents that need to be signed by today. If it seems like hell to be stuck in a compound with my collegues working on a proposal for 4 days, I should put it into perspective. This is actually quite a nice place with a pool, a large expanse of grass and mini forests (were one can job), a jungle gym and a few washers and dryers.

I have been given a monster truck to drive for the week and am concentrating on not side-swiping people along the edge of the road. I drive unusually slow but no one seems to mind (could it be that other tiny cars are scared to honk and overpass me?). I get a few raised eyebrows when people realize that a girl is driving it. Hehehe!


Anonymous said...

Try to get a picture of yourself in the truck! Don't let the stress and workload get to you...

Magali said...

I was just about to ask the same thing!
Can I call you while you're in the compound?
I'm going to Nigeria on Sunday morning, but I wish I could be the one going to work in a holiday resort ;)

Anonymous said...

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