June 05, 2005

Top Ten Reasons to Live in the Congo

I totally scammed this from our little missy Kindu, from her site Breaking Hearts in the Heart of Darkness:

Top Ten Reasons to Live in the Congo
(don’t worry, next week I will present the top ten reasons why NOT to live here)

1. Tin-Tin paraphernalia (apparently there is a book where he went to the Congo. You can’t shake a stick in Kinshasa without hitting some cutesy wooden carving for sale)
2. The fantasy of buying a monkey and training it to mix cocktails in one step closer to achievement
3. You tell future stories that begin with, “When I was in the Congo…”
4. Impress your former classmates at high school reunion
5. You can tell current stories that begin with “Whenever I get the #@$! out of the Congo…”
6. Help people recovering from war
7. Overuse allusions to Heart of Darkness (Oh, the horror!)
8. Really cheap beer
9. Give parents/grandparents more material for proving how much more interesting their daughters are than other peoples’
10. Drive a landcruiser through muddy roads like in jeep commercials


Anonymous said...

You've never read Tintin au Congo!!! For shame!!!

Anonymous said...

He oui, nous parlons beaucoup de toi et de ton drole de choix de vie!!!! mais nous sommes tout de meme assez fiere de toi.

P.s. reponse au No 9.

Beaver said...

Happy to read more positive (??!??) comments on Congo (I think?) Well Take care of your self in the meantime ! WILL UPDATE BLOG SOON, I PROMISE, actually have stuff to tell !

Victoria said...

# 11: outdo sister in interesting material to post in blog, maybe?
Bahaha, both my teacher and the grad sutdent in my lab walked in while I was talking to you and surfing the internet at the same time... so embarassing...

HadesGigas said...

Does the black guy from Ghostbuster's live there? Hahahahaha, jokes that no one gets!

007 in Africa said...

Ammo, people who haven't read the un-pc 'Tintin in Congo' are just heathens. I read it. I laughed. But I really shouldn't have because its pretty racism. Oops.

Mom (I assume), thanks :)

Beaver, I'm looking forward to reading your updates.

Vicky, I'll always outdo you. Don't make yourself unhappy, just embrace it!

Hadesgigas--eh? I don't get it. But your blog is pretty funny though. BTW we have Ewoks here too but we eat 'em with Pili-pili sauce. It gives 'em a little bit of Oompf.

Anonymous said...

Well, how about some more reasons:

- To be able to wear a pith helmet with style
- To be able to eat ewoks with pili pili sauce
- To be able to float down from Lumumbashi to Kinshasa in a pirogue
- To be able to swear in Lingala
- To be able to wear a boubou and not feel like an absolute phony whitey craven PC European fake
- To be able to upstage your poor dad, who only grew up in South Africa, not darkest Afrika...