June 13, 2005

What's in your Wallet?

In my wallet, I now have the following items:

-a meager pittance of Congolese francs and American dollars
-a few business cards with MY name on it
-an SOS Emergency Evacuation Card
-a Congolese driver's license
-an American driver's license
-a credit card (made obsolete by the lack of credit card facilities here)
-SN Brussels and Air France frequent flyer cards (with, like, 10 miles on each...Woohoo free flights here I come)
-an employee identification card
-a photocopy of my American passport and my French one
-a Very Important Numbers list (Embassies, the UN, medical centers, International Emergency Centers and, as last resort, the Kinshasa police)
-a certificate attesting my legality when carrying a short wave two-ways radio

If I loose it, I'm so screwed. What's in your Wallet?


Will said...

Hi, I'm Kate's (Red Handed Jill's) friend Will. Your blog is very interesting.

Victoria said...

I think I'll go ahead and steal your entry idea :-) My wallet's alot more boring though...

Anonymous said...

I can't believe Pizza Hut isn't in your list of Very Important Numbers!
You should attach your wallet to your pants with an elastic cord, like Dupond & Dupont in Tintin...:)

Victoria said...

Actually, I believe that the wallet attached with a chain is the one that finally managed NOT to get stolen...

007 in Africa said...

Thanks Will, that's very nice!

Groan, A and V, as you collaborating in dorkiness? Besides, I wouldn't put elastic on my wallet because I would be scared it would spring back into my face (like the DuponT and DuponD)

Beaver said...

Wow looks like RDC is getting to serious business...

BTW, blog is updated and will be more regularly updated from now on...

Take care !

Dan said...

1. Library Card
2. Oklahoma Driver's License
3. Social Security Card
4. Shelter Clearance Card
5. Phone Numbers
6. Homeland One Card
7. Not Enough Federal Reserve Notes
8. Phone Numbers
9. One Condom

007 in Africa said...

Shelter clearance? homeland one? What are those? Condom? Interesting combination of things...