July 15, 2005

Bonobos and other exciting sights

Me and the Bonobo (I am on the right of the picture, the bonobo is on the left)

Recoiled water lily and waterproof leaf in muddy water

Fruits decay at lightning speed in my humid kitchen. I would have kept this orange longer for purely artistic purposes but the fruit flies disuaded me

I'm not going to point fingers but someone reeeeeally needs to use Vaseline's Intense Moistering lotion

With its alkiline nose, small lips, pointy chin and small close set eyes, this orange mask caricaturizes the European man, held by the ticket person at the Bonobo Sanctuary


Victoria said...

Dorothee, that's such a nice picture of you :-) Hehe, I think you should bring a bonobo to Mada for Daddy... He's already so infatuated with the dog-- imagine what he'd be like with a monkey!

Victoria said...

PS: that orange looks like the banana my flatmate let rot for a month next to my room... Look, as much as I love drosophila, I do NOT like them all over my room. Yeech.

sebas @ mtl said...

I was so EAGER to see those picture,

thanks!!! :-)

Beaver said...

007 : Cool pics ! It's actually wonderful to see YOU on them :) Hmmm still thinking of a way I can make my way back to Africa... miss it very much :'(

Vick : Listen to your Dad ! It's not a monkey, it's an APE !!!! (he he he)

Seb : Sorry I disappeared - email, coffee, movies coming up :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for specifying you're on the right of the picture, I would have had a hard time figuring it out otherwise!

Mildred Garfield said...

I don't think even Vaseline Intensive
Care would help that ape!

Red Handed Jill said...

nice pictures! that's cool you got to touch the bonobo's hand.

when i was really little, like 6, i used to long and long for a chimpanzee for a pet. it would wear kakhi overalls and a little red hat. i imagined myself carrying it around (i guess it would have been a really small chimpanzee) and i was sure everyone who saw me would instantly be green with envy. ha ha, i totally forgot about that until now. anyway.

007 in Africa said...

The dog is so cute though, I could eat it. Literally. With a little pili pili on the side.

I know what you mean about Drosophila. I mean I bred more with that orange than in my genetics lab!

Seb, nice use of new vocab :)

Beav, you should try to make your way back to Africa! You're a natural...

Ammo, thanks as usual.

Mildred, I'm flattered you're reading my blog! Still enjoying yours tremendously.

RHJ, that's cute. In a weird sort of way. I can see it cycling on a unicycle to strange circus-like music.

Beaver said...

RHJ : Hehehe ! Sorry to boast, but I cant help it :

When I was a little girl being bred in Burkina faso, my dad got me a chimp. (We called her Cheetah ! How original!) She was kinda sweet and very bent on trying to remove stuff from our hair. I don't think she would have accepted to be dressed though... Anyway, it's cool to say I had a monkey as a kid, but my mum would tell you it was a whole lot of work keeping the garden clean.

007 : Beleive me, I'm trying. Any peace-building going on in Kinshasa ? I would defenitely apply...

Anonymous said...

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