July 08, 2005

Global Terror

Message from my Brother
Hi all,

You may have heard that there have been some attacks in London. I'm a-okay.
I guess leaving to go to work about 2 hours before anyone else finally came in handy (I was at work by 7:50).


P.S. it may be the French who are pissed off about loosing the

Message from my Sister

After today's scare. I just wanted to check that everything is OK on your end too. Ugh! Having a global family is not too cool at times. I bought a phone card, but it doesn't have enough money on it to call the Congo (go figue, haha). I will try again with a new (and improved) phone card.


Red Handed Jill said...

hey 007, i'm glad your brother is ok! i hope you're doing well.


Beaver said...

Yeah, the French and English have been at war for centuries, remember ?

BTW, Dave says that calling RDC from Canada on a regular line is something like 0.50$CDN or 1$ a minute depending on whether you use a land line or a cell. Though if there is potential instability it might be more.

Hang in there, y'all :)

Victoria said...

Hmm, yeah, I used a land line and had a 10$CDN conversation the other day. I'm on the lookout for something a little more affordable (probably Skype).

Beaver said...

Hmm... I know that when I was in Senegal, Dave actually used a calling card thingie that gave him 20 minutes for 5$CDN. 7/20 or Globo will do. But Skype is probably even cheaper...

007 in Africa said...

Thanks RHJ. Whatever happened to your other blog? I didn't have time to catch up reading it!

Thanks for the info Beaver. How does Dave know anyhow, has he ever tried phoning me ;) ?

Ugh, $10 conversation...Hope you can use skype though I hear the rates aren't very good for Congo either.

laura said...

That time I called you in Senegal on my cell phone ended up costing $48, which I knew it would. But still, I offer it as proof of my amazing friendship :P

Anonymous said...
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007 in Africa said...

Laura, you are an "amazing friend" by excellence. Modesty is not your middle name though.

Ammo, what's this? You're conspiring against me now?

Anonymous said...

Yes and I'm proud!! :)

Beaver said...

007, as you might have forgotten, Dave works for a PHONE COMPANY and has access to all fares ! But, whatever, even the phone expert can be wrong... :)

Anonymous said...

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