August 17, 2005

Advertisement for Hewa Bora Airlines

(You can travel to Lubumbashi for $148 or less like this...)

(Or choose HEWA BORA AIRWAYS, 1st company in DRC, and travel like this)


Ammo said...

I guess they do have other companies!
Maybe I should read your entire blog before commenting... :)
So are you going to fly with these guys instead?

Beaver said...

SOOOOOOOO typical :)

Steve in Wisconsin said...

Judging by the picture the Hewa Bora flight is relatively empty - perhaps animals should be allowed...

Black River Eagle said...

Hewa Bora Airways has a pretty good safety record according to the NTSB Airline Safety database, losing only 1 Boeing 707-320 at Kinshasa-Ndjili Airport back in April 2002. Bad weather, aircraft ran off the end of the runway, can happen to anybody...:-) Here is the official NTSB entry:

DATE / SITE & ID: 26 Apr 02 Kinshasa-Ndjili A/P Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC))
AIRCRAFT & REGISTRATION: Boeing 707-320 of Hewa Bora Airways: J'Brg -Kinshasa
CIRCUMSTANCES: Ran off runway after approach to Airport in stormy weather.
PRELIMINARY ANALYSIS2: Damaged beyond repair.

What's so odd about the above report is that the registration numbers for the same Hewa Bora Airways 707-320 aircraft showed up on a Russian Antonov-12 aircraft involved in a (very) suspicious double-engine failure & crash in the DRC in May 2005. Below is an excerpt from a post by a fellow blogger on that incident. Warning: information that follows is unconfirmed and could be a doggone lie!:

Saturday, May 28, 2005
"An Antonov-12 aircraft was destroyed in the DRC on Thursday, with a reported loss of 27 lives. As far as I know, the registration was 9Q-CVG, which if true belongs to a Boeing 707 last heard of being scrapped in Kinshasa, ex-Hewa Bora Airways. The An12 was said to be operating for something called Air Victoria (hmmm...). The dead included four Russian, or Ukrainian depending on report, aircrew and 22 nameless passengers. It's rough when they don't even give you a nationality..."

Air Victoria and Hewa Bora Airways are kind of famous in certain international circles (and I do not mean the passenger airline business). If you have to fly commercial down there, Fly Delta Honey! We in the Blogosphere would hate to lose you down in the Jungle as a "nameless passenger".

Nice ad campaign though, cute...:-)

Anonymous said...

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