August 10, 2005

Both Big Dorks

Initial email:

Check out the attached email I received from Amazon. To quote: "As someone who has purchased music from one of today's hottest bands, you might be interested in back-to-school offers...". The last music I purchased from Amazon was by Josef Haydn, who died in 1809... And before that, the opera "Arabella" by Richard Strauss, composed in 1930...

Does this mean *gasp* that Classical Music is coming back into fashion?

Response from my brother:

Hi Dad,

Wow, Amazon thinks you're cool. Weird. They must've confused you with Victoria or something... But they're rarely wrong so perhaps I should reconsider things (maybe I should start ironing my blue jeans too...).


The funniest thing is that my dad doesn't even own blue jeans...


Beaver said...

Priceless. I love your family.

(By the way, my mum does own blue jeans, which she does iron !)

Victoria said...

Dude. Does this mean I'm COOL?!

Steve in Wisconsin said...

Ah, an opera fan... but it's gotta be Italian. What's with this Strauss guy???

007 in Africa said...

Beaver, say hi to your mom for me!

Vicky. No it does not mean you're cool. The use of "Dude" negates the coolness level to dork level. Runs in the family :)

Steve, is Opera that music that the early hominids use to listen to? Just joking. Kind of. :)

Ammo said...

Wow, and I thought my family was weird :)

Anonymous said...

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