August 08, 2005

Finger Lickin' Good

Yesterday I went to Chez Tintin again, the place by the water. We sat on rocks and explored the two rusted ships that where shipwrecked by the side of the river (mostly they were ghostly shells of their former selves, smelt weird and had lot of flies breeding around them).

I ordered my usual (Liboké--the grilled fish in Banana leaves, and Chikwangue--the manioc bread-like slices), drenching my Chikwangue in the wonderfully tasteful and spicy sauce inside the banana leaf.

I was so good I licked everyone of my fingers.

Today my stomach is cramping up like crazy. Ooow. Why-oh-why must something so good be so painful? Isn't there anything enjoyable that is remorse free anymore?

Give me M&Ms or give me death!!


Victoria said...

Mmm that sounds so good. I'd take the cramps!
Do they have M&Ms in Congo?

Ammo said...

They actually have an M&M special here in the U.S. at the moment. Buy 1, get 2 free. There'll over the place, it's a huge marketing campaign. I even got a few free samples in the street yesterday. Hmmm....

I'm just kidding of course :)

Beaver said...

Poor thing :) Hang in there and remember that eventually it'll be over.

(Just don't do like me and pull a stunt like going to the beach while it's still going on !)

Oh right, there is no beach in K-town. Guess your dignity is safe then !

Red Handed Jill said...

aw, poor 007!

Victoria said...

Woah, I just checked your guestmap. You've got so many readers! Y'know, you should print out your blog into a book one day. Dad would be so jealous.

Anonymous said...

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