August 16, 2005

Grubs and Termites

This weekend, we went back to Maluku, that place by the water where we ate Liboké and Chikangwe.

On the way back, we stopped at FIKIN, the Foire International de Kinshasa. The place was so crowded that it took us about 45 mins to drive the car into the Fair...and we were located about 5 meters from the entrance (I had half a mind to abandon my friends in the car and just walk there).

I got to eat those disgustingly active and wriggly white grubs from palm trees (barbecued and skewered, they don't have much taste--but it does play a number on the psych to bite into the thick white body and tiny black head).

I also tried termites which, surprisingly enough, are deliciously fried in oil, pili pili and salt. I thought I was going to be disgusted but I started popping the little things like they were sugar. The man selling them was walking around with a huge bowl full of the things and it makes me wonder how many hours it takes to gather so many tiny insects for my eating pleasure.

Will definitely try to score some more to cook at home.

Thanks Chris for posting on my Guest Map. Others should be inspired by this great initiative and post their pins too :) I'll definitely come see you guys in Louisville, Ky. What's it famous for again?


Ammo said...

I think I speak for everyone here when I say: EEEEEEEEEWWWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!
Careful, if you eat too many grubs you'll become one yourself!

Victoria said...

After all: you are what you eat :D

Beaver said...

*eyes pop out*
And you say I'M A NATURAL ?

That's it girl ! You've officially been swallowed in Africa !
I salute your integration skills !
*military pose*

007 in Africa said...

So Ammo would be an extra bitter,dark and brittle piece of chocolate and you would be a slimy, cheesy and filling gratin dauphinois?

Ammo said...

I'd rather be chocolate than a grub :) All the ladies would want a piece of me!

Beaver said...

hmmmm gratin dauphinois...

I need to make some soon :)

I'd like to point out that gratin dauphinois made by moi is filling and extra cheesy, but not slimy !

Red Handed Jill said...

wow, you're hardcore, 007! i'm an adventurous eater, but i don't know if i could eat bugs. maybe if i closed my eyes. that's cool, though!

Victoria said...

Oh, but the sliminess is KEY! I've just learned that my mum's are the best because she adds a little bit of meat grease in them. It's pretty much an instant heart attack but sooo good.

Beaver said...

Always had an issue with slimy :)

Oh well, Picardie and Lyon might have different culinary traditions when it comes to gratin dauphinois...

Anonymous said...

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