August 09, 2005

Two Congolese NGO workers set off for an adventure through remote villages where they will draw list of the neediest persons to benefit from an agricultural project. Two people per moto insures that, in the common occurence of a flat, the team works together to fix the tire. In the white bag they have enough clothes for ten days, 2 mattress, two floation coats for the trip on the pirogue, a special drink prepared by a village woman for back aches (those long hours on the motorcycle can be really painful), beignets for the morning breakfast, sheets, plates, cups and work material. Talk about efficient packing!


Ammo said...

So have you traveled this way too?

Beaver said...

I need to learn how to do that ! And so do you, judging by the packing you did when you left DKR ! :)

Hehehe ! Is that you rubbing off on me, Ammo ?

Anonymous said...

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