September 08, 2005

August 30th 2005

Day Two
Tshumbe, Kole

We first attempt a flight back to Tshumbe. It is eventless this time around. The landing strip is in pretty good shape, with tarmac-like material on the ground. I marvel at it and am told that dark termite mounds are crushed and packed on the ground producing a very firm surface.

Next, Jacques, a Congolese pilot trained in the states, takes us in his two seater plane. We fly over miles and miles of thick forest, punctuated by short strips of orange villages. Those villages are truly isolated. The landing strip is less than a kilometer long, paved by sand and its obvious only the small plane could have made that landing

That night, we stay at a religious house with the only guest house in the village. It has running water, a mosquito net and even electricity for 3 hours in the evening.


jean-pierre said...

Why did you have to fly back to Tshumbe? What is there?

I'm feeling more and more some calling to voyage to the heart of Africa.

An acquaintance recommended that I read your web log.

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