September 12, 2005


Does anybody know anything about videoblogging? I tried to look it up but it seemed terribly complicated, especially if you have a sloooow internet connection.

Thanks for the info computer experts!

PS: I would really like to post some of my friends retarded Congo Adventure videos


Black River Eagle said...

I'm glad that you asked that question 007 in Africa. I have a meeting on Thursday with a local university film/video crew about that very subject: namely podcasting and videoblogging. I personally don't know squat about videoblogging, but if you check my blogroll there are plenty of links to people who know a lot.

If you want to get going fast without 1st earning a Ph.D. in the field, checkout the following two services:
I've recently checked out streaming video from these services and both seem to be good choices.

Note my September 1st post "Hurricane Katrina: A Video Tribute" for a sample of the free YOUTUBE service and also note that the embedded video has picked up more than 8,000 viewings since I first saw it on Sep. 01 (view count then = 44).

The MPEG NATION service seems to be better suited to posting directly to weblogs (checkout step 3 on their site's homepage) and a good sample of their service is the Africa: Open for Business documentary video by Carol Pineau featured at the Cannes Film Festival & sponsored by the World Bank. The New York Times and bloggers have written about this great documentary and I will feature it in my next blog post to "Jewels".

Near the top of my blogroll is a link to Dutch independent video journalist Ruud Elmendorp (Africa Video Journalist) who might be able to helpout with uploads via slow internet connections. If not, get back to me via email and we know other folks who can help.

Lastly, checkout the following blogroll links to real experts in the field of videoblogs:

New Media Musings by J.D.Lasica
Online Journalism Review
Dan Gillmor's Bayosphere
Contentious by Amy Gahran
Radio Open Source
Global Voices Online (see below)
Robin Good's Sharewood Tidings
Dave Winer (Godfather of Blogging)

Global Voices had a couple of postings on videoblogging but one that may be very useful for you is the March 26, 2005 post by GVO's Rebecca MacKinnon "How to setup a free videoblog". Rebecca (former CNNI bureau chief for Asia), Ethan Zuckerman, and Andy Carvin of the DDN (Digital Divide Network) all have experience with videoblogging and would be interested in helping you out down there in the jungle. Honest!

That's all. Sorry about the long reply to your question but hope that this info helps you out. I'm outa here for now. Ciao ...:-)

007 in Africa said...

Wow! Overwhelmed by the response, thanks, will definitely look into those :)

jean-pierre said...

Please contact Jason Beaubien from the NPR in Africa. He is the correspondent for much of this continent.

I think he may be able to refer you to someone who will load your video on a fast connection.

You know, it doesn't hurt to ask.

Anonymous said...

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