October 24, 2005

Bumbo Lumene

The steep climb to the bridge

Rickety bridge itself

View of our Camp Ground

A cluster of butterfly on the shallow end of the river

Enchanted forest maybe?


Beaver said...

These are nice :) I'm jealous - imagine, my camera broke in Canada after surviving 6 months in Senegal !

Steve in Wisconsin said...

Looks and sounds like a beautiful place.
No problem with crocs in the river?

Black River Eagle said...

Really, really nice. Is this a national park or a national campground or what?

The butterflies look something like Monarchs from N. America, don't they? They don't?

Why don't the trees in the Enchanted Forest have any leaves? And what's that mossy-looking stuff hanging from some of the branches? Bird nests?

Ammo said...

I read Carl's take on the camping weekend, very interesting :)
Do the police often stop you?
Now I know where all the pretty girls have gone!

007 in Africa said...

Marie--Senegalese dust fucked the inside of my camera--most of my pictures come out blurry now--that or I've gotten to be a worst picture taker with time :)

Steve-sigh, I wish the River were that exciting. Though the current made for an amazing ride!

BRE--those are not Monarch butterflies, their size was quite small. I kind of did an adobe photoshop zoom on them :) I don't really know about the trees, that's the first time I see such funny looking things. Those aren't nests, they're convoluted tree branches.

Ammo, the police waves for me to stop all the time. This time I made a serious mistake: I actually stopped for them.

Ammo said...

When you get back to the U.S., I hope you won't keep your African habits! I can just see you zooming off as the D.C. police wave for you to stop :)

DCveR said...

Great pics! I wouldn't resist crossing that bridge, should I ever get any near.

Anonymous said...

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