October 20, 2005

Car Wash

This morning, a little old man had cleaned my car assiduously. He rushed over when I came down, bending my wipers back in place to indicate that he'd been working on the windshield last.

I shook my head in apology, explaining that I couldn't pay him and thanks but I didn't ask him to wash my car and that we had someone at work who did that for us and...I fumbled, feeling sorry for him but at the same time didn't feel right giving someone money for a service that he forced upon me.

He had cleaned my car earlier in the week without my prior approval and I gave him money but said that he should never clean it again because I wouldn't pay him next time.

Makes sense doesn't it? Then why do I still feel bad about the whole encounter?


Beaver said...

You feel bad because someone was desperate enough to do what he did... and it reminded you of the comforts you are afforded.

I feel sorry for him too though. Did he do a good job ? Can you hire him for real ?

Don't torture yourself over it though. Just stay your nice and sweet self and you'll do no wrong :)

Steve in Wisconsin said...

If you paid him the first time, but told him not to do it again, then don't pay him.

It's nice to want to help someone but at some point you have to stand your ground - if you back down now you might end up with a full-time car washer or a personal butler.

Anonymous said...

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