December 22, 2005

What the hell...Merry Christmas!!

**Belitteling efforts of Politically Correctness and Cultural Sensitivity across the globe, 007 wishes everyone a Merry Christmas!!!**

Hey folks, it's almost the holiday season and so, as I must, I am sending you warm wishes. But seriously, this time of year invariably reminds me of all the people I love and (I hope) love me back.

Unfortunately, distance makes interacting with friends and family very difficult. I miss you all and my only wish is that we can remain close despite my poor attempts in keeping in touch. Got that Santa?

And what the heck, Happy Hanukkah and Merry Kwanza! I'll even throw in a Very Happy Holiday Season for those hippy people who don't believe in organized religion and won't buy their kids a present to discourage marketers.

Mom, I hope you got me a present this year.


Ammo said...

I don't think you deserve a present... Eating a goat received as a gift, for shame!
A good lump a coal is what you need :)
Seriously, Happy Holidays to you too!!

007 in Africa said...

I actually gave the meat to a colleague...Not out of shame mind you, it's just that I never got around to eating it and I figured it was better to go to his family than stay frozen and lonely in my fridge. Thanks Ammo and to you and your family too. Even even your dog. Even if he bit me that one time :)

Astrogirl said...

And a Merry Chanukah to you too! Have fun in SA!


Beaver said...

Hey!!! I was gonna do that too!!! oh well, it won't be the first trend that you set :)

Mary Christmas to you too, may all your wishes come true.

You do make poor attempts at keeping in touch. Yet, somehow, people still love you !

Say Hi to Cape-Town for me!!!


Ammo said...

But it was a friendly bite :)

juliana said...

Hippie People?

I may not beleive in organized religion, but I don't think I'd call myself a hippie.

Happy Holidays to you!!!!

jamal said...

Its not just the hippies that say "happy holiday"!

Victoria said...

Bandit has given many friendly bites over the years.

Black River Eagle said...

A belated Happy Holidays 007. Hoping that all goes well for you in the New Year 2006.

Thanks for your kind words and support and tolerance of my many comments at your place in 2005. Looking forward to your new posts @ "007 in Africa" after you get back from your holidays swimming with the Great Whites (as in sharks) down in Capetown Z.A.

TheMalau said...

Thank you for actually living in my country, and showing a remarkable candor and honesty about your experiences there. I am a bit jealous of you, as I cannot be there, and for sure, I could noy have as much direct impact as you, right now.

And I really love your disclaimer :). Keep on doing your thing, keep on writing. Fun vacations to you, and a very Happy new Year!!

Anonymous said...

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