February 13, 2006

I am leaving on the field tomorrow morning

Things I am still waiting for:
-my passport with a brand spanking new visa inside
-my plane ticket
-some items I ordered for partners such as a new hard-drive for their computer with a power stabiliser
-receipt booklets for their finance department
-items I was to pick up from some sisters who want to send things to the area

Things that are ready:
-my suitcase

Percentage of control over this situation: 0%
Percentage stress about this situation: 100%


Ammo said...

I hope everything goes smoothly! Bring the small mask just in case :)

TheMalau said...

You seem so acclimated, you will be fine, I am sure. Although I know nothing goes really smoothly in my dear Congo, I wish you at least the second best!!

Anonymous said...

Hey dorothee,
Seems things are chaotic as usual, just a quick update, I got a place on my first choice course! health, community and development at LSE. you still haven't quite managed to put me off, happy valentines day and take care, branwyn xx

Qalamana said...

I'm glad you recognised me in Beaver's pic... but I do look awful :( no wonder given it was like 4 or 5 o'clock in the morning and I'd already been dancing for longer than 5 hours ;D
By the way, do you speak Spanish? Anyway, some times I'll write in English in my blog: good for my international readers and wonderful practice for me not to forget it ;D
Good luck on the field, girl!

Elizabeth said...

Argh. How frustrating... well anyway, good trip.

Beaver said...

Worry not, have no fear. Ma mere te dirait: on ne peut s'en faire qu'avec ce sur quoi on peut avoir un impact.

Respira, querida, respira!

Qalamana said...

Hi again!
Just a few words to say that I've added a link to your blog in my blog: I hope you don't mind...
Still on the field?
CuĂ­date y besines!

Ammo said...

I think you've been on the field long enough, and it's time to come home! :)
I bet you're just pretending because you wanted a break from your blog :)

Congogirl said...

Phew! What a relief to know nothing has changed!

Hope you are back soon, I have nobody else to IM ;)

Laura said...

I got an email from Doro today saying that she has been stuck in Kananga, trying to get home for 3 days. Hence the blogging silence...

Sahara Sarah said...

My motto for Congo - only stress about things you can control. Though you can certainly get annoyed at the things you can't