March 23, 2006


For some reason, the comment sections of everyone's blogs is blocked. So in regards to the comments posted on the entry below, I would like to respond:

Thanks Congo Girl!

The Malau, that is so interesting. Your mom must have awesome stories at the time. I am half-considering just gathering more and more anecdotes of the era. I have tons of stories but I need to start writing them down.

Kingston Girl, sometimes when I hear the Congolese lament over the dubious election process, I have to remind them that the US is not a picture of its perfect functioning either.

Welcome back Red Handed Jill!

Thanks Beavster. How is the job going? Are you still running around like crazy? Happy Birthday!!

And I would like to give a very special shout out to Beaver, my friend from Senegal now running around the world to catch up with NGOs, who's birthday it was yesterday. Happy Birthday girl!


Beaver said...

*awwww* thanks Lady D!

Miss you lots! Some how, somewhere, we have to catch up ! I MISS YOU SOOOOO MUCH!

Decapitated Rooster Syndrom is fine though. I've got my stuff down!



Red Handed Jill said...

thanks 007

TheMalau said...

Thanks Lady D! (That name suits you pretty well, I feel)