March 07, 2006

Early to Bed, Early Riser

I went to bed at 9:00 yesterday owing to a big headache that was building just behind my eyes. This morning, I was fully awake by 5:50. I started throwing things in the wash, looking over my taxes for 2006, dusting sand from my various bags, downloading pictures from my computer for work. It was very hard to keep myself from doing the ironing and the dishes (my maid is coming over today, and she's got to have something to do).

When there was absolutely nothing else to do, I left at 7:30 and arrived at work by 7:40.

Sigh. Surely there's more to life than work?


Carl said...

Nope, there ain't.

Then you die, too soon. (thank you Woody Allen)

Congogirl said...

I've been going through a similar routine, even though I hear that in this town, there is more to life than work.

It takes me a couple hours to decompress, then a couple hours to get myself fed and ready for work the next day. A couple rows knitted, a couple chin scratches to the kitties, then to bed and back to work.