April 12, 2006

Back muscles

Remember how stressed you were in high school when you did your geography homework one hour before it was due to a teacher you dreaded, or during your masters when you realized you forgot to study three chapters of Infectious Diseases and had to cram in a lunchroom full of noise?

Well that’s nothing next to REAL WORLD JOB stress:
-trying to pull stuff together for a 100-page plan,
-scanning using a slow-assed machine,
-photocopying pages that have been photocopied three times over,
-sending a fed-ex by 3:00 and your colleague is still stuck in traffic with the crucial document,
-finishing the translation of a 34-page document and following-up with your superiors so they make their final recommendations by EOB,
-all the while your partners from the two projects you’re supposed to be managing call you for extra work.

Yikes! I can feel tension in back muscles I didn’t even know I had.

By the way, thanks so much Sampsa, Qalamana, Beaver, Beautiful Omoeko and Erick (did you live in Japan?) for posting on my GuestMap. It's so exciting! I though Guest Maps were out of fashion because NO one had been pinning for a while...


Anonymous said...

You need a good massage and a daiquiri!
So did you finish the project?

Congogirl said...

I second Ammo's recommendation.

My tension focuses in my neck, and that spot where the neck muscles connect to my skull. They lead to migraines.

Better to get the massage and daiquiri before it gets to that point!

Jamespbond said...

I suppose you can always say "tu as bon dos", or something like that...