April 15, 2006

Blast from the Past

I went shopping with a friend two weeks ago, as he needed soap and I was looking for pretty much anything that could be cooked in under 5 minutes flat.

He bought two of the cheapest soaps available, including this one:

I'm not sure where it was made, but it really made me chuckle. It looks so 1970's! The side cover says: sold in New York, Paris and London. Pretty classy soap.


Victoria said...

Haha, I love it. Random convenience stores in Africa are the best.

giovanni.cristofano@tin.it said...

Art old fashioned Italian advertising billboards


We were kings - strudel

giovanni.dicristofano@tin.it said...

mail address mistaken-strudel

Anonymous said...

I guess soap doesn't have an expiration date :)

TheMalau said...

This is just awesome. Next you are gonna end up using "Bebe Rico", Mokonzi ya ba bebe!!!

Congogirl said...

Wow, and it only cost A05!!

jke said...

Yeah, that's a beauty! I also like these old covers + the smell. Actually all the smells from those shops (Omo & Co) - any supermarket that smells like the worst detergent they could find.

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