April 24, 2006

Little Ironies

I just got back to the office this morning and found this in my personal inbox:

Upgrade and Win
Join the next generation of Hotmail® and take part in the Windows Live Mail Beta Sweepstakes, and you could be on your way to Africa.

Wow! I could win a trip to Africa.

Is this Cruelty, Mockery or a little of both? It's those little ironies that keep me going.


Victoria said...

This make my day. Thanks for reminding me to keep things in perspective.

Victoria said...

Made, rather. Bwargh.

jke said...

Hotmail? OMG! :-)

Anonymous said...

Somehow I doubt the trip would be to the Congo :)

TheMalau said...

Wow, that is just so cool... and so sad at the same time! Made my day!