May 02, 2006

Are you Burned-out?

What is burnout?
When your body and mind are relentlessly strained, you can develop emotional and physical fatigue. Burnout is a physical, mental, and emotional response to constant levels of high stress. Burnout produces feelings of hopelessness, powerlessness, cynicism, resentment and failure—as well as stagnation and reduced productivity. These stress reactions can result in levels of depression or unhappiness that eventually threaten your job, your relationships and your health.

Burnout is associated with situations in which a person feels:
-confused about expectations and priorities
-concerned about job security
-overcommitted with responsibilities
-resentful about duties that are not commensurate with pay

Burnout can occur when you feel you are unable to meet constant demands, and you become increasingly overwhelmed and depleted of energy. Debilitating sadness, anger or indifference can set in. You begin to lose the interest or motivation that led you to take on a certain role in the first place.


Yep, I'm definitely getting there.


Beaver said...

Oh Honey, I'm so sorry... I wish I could give you a bear hug. Or take you out. Or just be there to hear you rant.


You are very appreciated and loved. Don't forget it.

Elizabeth said...

It seems I was burned out for four years without realizing it. Total sympathy. Take a break before you have to quit.

Gemma said...

Hey girl!

Don't be so upset: we all have hard times, but I'm pretty sure your power of endurance is remarkable and you'll overcome these bad, grey days!!!

Cheer up!

P.S I'm the Spanish girl from Dakar...

TheMalau said...

I feel burned out everyday, and I reside in the most powerful country n the world!

Hang in there!

Garci said...

Hold on my friend!!! Kinshasa and DRC can be tough, especially when you're feeling unappreciated. But you KNOW that you're up to something good for everyone.

Keep the strength!!


Jamespbond said...

The only thing for it is a change of scenery and a change of job...

A-tony said...

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