May 15, 2006

Sad News

I have decided that it's time for me to leave to Congo for good and return to the United States.

Though there were some pretty pressing reasons to do this, today they seem pretty inconsequential after all. Despite all my bitching, my complaints, my witty sarcasm, and my doubts during this time in the Congo, the thought of leaving fills me with dread. To use a vastly overused and abused cliché: I have a heavy lump in the bottom of my throat.

I try to smile but I know I have that funny crooked smile that looks more like a frown even if the corners of my lips are going up.

I am pretty scared of what's waiting for me there (or rather, what's not waiting for me). Will my friends still be alive? Will I be able to live on a shit wage? Can I find a job in less than two months? Where am I going to stay? How am I going to grease the wheel to get better service? Is anyone going to love me? Is my shipment going to make it back OK?

Thanks editor10, Your parents, Lyon apartment for Posting on my GuestMap! You guys are AWESOME! Sigh.


Laura said...

I am still alive, living on a decent (only decent) wage, and will be very excited to see you again. Oh, and Mia and Mona love you! Mona has gained about 10 pounds since you last saw her, so she has LOTS of love to give you. LOTS!

MissRancher said...

Well I hope everything is ok and nothing really bad happened to decide this for you...but I'm still here, and would love to see you! You are more than welcome to stay with us if you don't mind trekking all the way out to Manassas! And we have 2 cats :-) Either way let me know when you are back and want to get a drink and catch up -

Steve in Wisconsin said...

Everything will work out good for you - because that's the way it's supposed to be. You've accomplished a lot in the DRC and now it's time to take a look at things from a different perspective (i.e. from the USA looking AT the Congo).
You'll do fine - and I'll be able to say "I told you so!"

Beaver said...

Lady D, you are one of the most loved individuals that I have had the pleasure to meet. Fear not! Whereever you go, you will conquer hearts.

I am homeless myself, but I gladly volunteer my mum's place should you have an interest of any kind in Montreal. (she would love to see you again - i know this for a fact)

Oh yeah, and I'll be stranded in Baltimore for a few months this fall. I will be highly interested in the pleasure of your company then.

Chin up girl. You'll be fine.

Much love,


malau & palaw said...

nice article! the malau and the palau says hi to you from richmond! take care.

malau & palau

Kate said...


Doooon't gooo.....!

You'll excel wherever you find yourself next, no doubt. You've got the goods, girl! But don't expect me to be happy for you, leaving me here in this mess.


Victoria said...

Silly girl. I will always love you-- no matter where you are. I for one cannot WAIT until another 007 is in North America!

Astrogirl said...

Can't wait to see you back in the US! You're always welcome chez Amanda et al. said...

I wonder how my poor webzine will survive without its favourite columnist Super-Congo-Girl.

Will she give us 'The adventures of an American gal in Usa?. ' Alas, who knows? Things and dolls come and go. Good luck chick, a kiss on your nose a pinch on your bum - strudel

Anonymous said...

Je suis sure que tout ira bien pour toi et plus vite que tu ne le penses ???

Je suis si heureuse de savoir que Victoria aura un peu de compagnie sur le continent Nord Americain.



Black River Eagle said...

It is a bit sad to hear that you will be leaving the DRC soon, but it also important to move on in life and not be stuck in one place too long. Wherever you decide to go and whatever you decide to do next, I am confident that you will be just fine. After all 007 in Africa, you have "the right stuff": character, courage, a big heart, a good education, kindness, ambition, and a lovely smile.

I can only hope that you keep sharing your life experiences with us here in the blogosphere from time to time. Your blog has been wonderful and very educational.

Vijay Singh said...

Hey Dorothee,

I hope your move back to the US brings happiness. It sounds like from all the messages above that I won't be the only one happy to see you when you return.

I'm still in LA until next summer, but I'm probably going to be working in the Midwest or East Coast afterwards.

I'll be in Baltimore this September, in case you're around there then.

Email me anytime -

Take care, Vijay

Anonymous said...

Yay, you're coming back!!
I for one intend to still be alive, mosquitoes and the IRS non withstanding.
You'll see, everything will be great!!
Can't wait to see you again