June 09, 2006

Congo is featured in Time Magazine

The new Time magazine is all about Congo and its war(s). Don't miss the June 5th 2006 issue--it's great that the DRC gets coverage.

I wish they'd do an article on the health system here though. It's a lot more interesting than war.


giovanni.dicristofano@tin.it said...

and why don't YOU write an article on the health system there. Time is less informed and indipendent then you . And it's soapy too.

Black River Eagle said...
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Black River Eagle said...

I did a post on this, but you probably missed it. Actually a number of people picked up on this TIME cover story, including CNN's Anderson Cooper 360° program and blog. CNN Africa correspondent Jeff Koinange is fielding comments at the CNN blog so drop him a line. Could be a good follow-on story in it for the CNN network and for your organization and colleagues in the DRC.

I can see the banner headlines now.
"CNN Exclusive: A blogging safari with 007 in Africa and the Congo Crew". You guys will be famous!

Hey, is this thing working? Sorry if I posted a double comment.

Black River Eagle said...

I thought that you and the Congo Crew would like to know that in addition to the DR Congo making TIME Magazine's cover for June 5th, 2006 some bloggers writing about this TIME cover story made it into SLATE magazine online June 1st. Here is the link to the Slate post by Michael Weiss titled "Congo Line":

I put a plug in for the entire Congo Blogger Crew over at historian Michael Brooks' post for the Euston Manifesto blog (see links in the Slate Congo Line article). I told you that you would be famous one day.

Anonymous said...

oh those pictures bring back good memories ! i was there until 1986 where i attended middle school at the Pspl belgian school, then we left Zaire. actually we lived next to the sozacom building which is being built in your photo's; the Marché des voleurs was about 300 meters from our home. on front of us was the american embassy marines club. after school, we frequently went to the élais swimming pool. i wonder if it's still open now. i guess not;

Andy (nova67f at yahoo dot de)