June 05, 2006

Well Lookee here...

If you'll notice, at the very end of the Links section on the right-hand side, my blog is now valued at $19,758.90.

I feel this is as good a time as any to mention that I would not hesitate to sell my blog to the highest bidder. This would help me repay my loans, feed my 6 children and place my homeless brother in a home (just kidding about those last two).

If you'll buy my blog, I will gladly continue writing of my adventures and never fail to praise your glory. In each and every post. Interested? You can be reached at 1-800-ILB-RICH.

Congo, thy hath corrupted me.


Anonymous said...

So how do they calculate how much the blog is worth? I think a lot of the value comes from the contributions of commenters :)

Black River Eagle said...

When you click on the link "How much is your blog worth?" it takes you to a page with a link to "Tristan Louis's research". The calculation is based on the AOL-Weblogs Inc. deal from October 2005. I think there is some more about this at the Technorati blog as well.

I agree with Ammo, your blog is worth a lot more than $19,000 bucks. Note that it has increased in value by more than 100% since you started using the applet. Congratulations!

BTW: I figured out a way to "cook the books" on my blog value. Take a look at my Blog Value Calculator the next time you get a chance. I keep the "stock value" under a million buck$$$ so as not to attract the attention of the SEC (Securities & Exchange Commission). Hey, if Ken Lay of ENRON can (almost) get away with it why not give the little guys a shot?