July 06, 2006

Taking a break from Blogging

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Friends, family and readers...I am taking a little break from blogging. I wish you adventures, luck and frienships along the way!


Magali said...

I completely understand the need for a break, but I hope it will be temporary - until you find yourself in a new and exciting part of the world!

Have a good trip - je t'appelle demain!

Kingston Girl said...

Thanks for sharing this last trip - I can feel that you are getting emotional just from reading it here. All the best during your break - let us know when you come back!

007 in Africa said...

OK Mag, j'attends ton apelle avec impatience...ça va faire longtemps quand même!

Thanks KG, I'll definitely let you know when I come back! Enjoy Kingston on my behalf.

Kate said...

I'll miss you like hell, but you're off to greater adventures!

Don't forget us here in La Poubelle...

Beaver said...

Wow. Schocker.
(Izat even howits spelled?)

Enjoy your break and good luck. I'm seeing Vick next week. I'll miss you online but hopefully we can talk in the real world before I leave for Aceh.

You are much loved as alway, Lady 007 !

Good luck on your next adventures, and rest well !


Victoria said...

Ugh, does this mean that I actually have to CALL you to get news now? Hehe.
Well best of luck moving--I will see you soon.

Astrogirl said...

I will miss your wonderful blog, but will be happy to see you in the US again!
Good luck, 007!

Lori said...

007-Thanks for enlightening all of us with your wonderful stories from the Congo. I hope all goes well with your move and best of luck in your new adventures. Please update at least one more time when you get to your new "home" so we will know how you are doing.
Take care,

MrC said...

greetings from the Kingdom of Kernow ;)

i have enjoyed reading your interesting & informative blog!


Anonymous said...

You can't just take a break!!! What about your legions of fans? The upcoming book and movie deal??
I hope it won't last long, and that you'll take it up again to tell us about your new adventures.
In any case, thanks for taking the time to write all of your impressions until now!


Elizabeth said...

Have been loving the recent posts. Have a good break.

giovanni.dicristofano@tin.it said...

ehyyyyyyyy It isn't the skylark, it's the nightingale - strudel

Anonymous said...

Oh, no don't stop your blog.....

Continue a nous raconter ta vue "originale" et interessante des petites choses de tous les jours aux U.S.



A-tony said...

Hey Doro,
Thanks for sharing your advantures. It was funny and inspiring. I wish you all the best.


007 in Africa said...

Thanks Kate, Beaver, Victoria, Astrogirl, Lori, Mrc, Ammo, Elizabeth, Giovanni, Mom and A-tony!

verniciousknids said...

I enjoyed viewing the Congo through your eyes...thanks!

Joan McDowall said...

Do hurry back I have just found your blog and am hooked!

Elizabeth said...

Come back! I have been forced to move this blog to the "back home" section... please let me know as soon as you get back on the blog.

Muzungu said...

nakupenda wewe, Hola Chica me ha enciantado encontrar este sitio o mejor dicho este Blog, tees cribo en castellano porque soy hispano parlante, pero no desesperes que mi apoyo está desde acá, y te envío la traducción de lo que escribo, mis saludos.
Supe vivir en el RDC, que buenos recuerdos!!!!

nakupenda wewe, Hello Small it has enchanted to find this site rather to me or this Blog, I write to you in Castilian because I am Hispanic loudspeaker, but you are not hopeless that my support is from here, and I send the translation to you of which I write, my greetings.
I knew to live in the RDC, that good memories!
success wanamuke

Umbundu "Ondaka Usongo"
Swahili "Bahari iliko, ndiko mito iendako"

Muzungu Matata
Hasta pronto!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey 007...did you ever taste the beans and rice in Kin? I dream about them every night.

007 in Africa said...

Hey anonymous. Yes, I had beans and a green bitter vegetable almost everyday that I was there. I also still dream of them at night. Beans here just don't compare...