October 19, 2006

Mountains O' Things

The life Ive always wanted
I guess Ill never have
Ill be working for somebody else
Until Im in my grave
Ill be dreaming of a live of ease
And mountains
Oh mountains o things

To have a big expensive car
Drag my furs on the ground
And have a maid that I can tell
To bring me anything
Everyone will look at me with envy and with greed
Ill revel in their attention
And mountains
Oh mountains o things

Sweet lazy life
Champagne and caviar
I hope youll come and find me
Cause you know who we are
Those who deserve the best in life
And know what moneys worth
And those whose sole misfortune
Was having mountains o nothing at birth

Oh they tell me
Theres still time to save my soul
They tell me
Renounce all
Renounce all those material things you gained by
Exploiting other human beings

Consume more than you need
This is the dream
Make you pauper
Or make you queen
I wont die lonely
Ill have it all prearranged
A grave thats deep and wide enough
For me and all my mountains o things

Mostly I feel lonely
Good good people are
Good people are only
My stepping stones
Its gonna take all my mountains o things
To surround me
Keep all my enemies away
Keep my sadness and loneliness at bay

Ill be dreaming, dreaming...

--Tracy Chapman

I hope you'll excuse me for posting these (rather long) song lyrics from Tracy Chapman's song. Inexplicably, it has been popping in my mind for some time now. Here I am, back in the States for three (THREE!) months now, jobless still, and I have these unhealthy compulsions to buy, buy, buy. Yesterday, I was in a store, and seeing that winter is coming, coupled with my lack of good warm clothing, I decided to buy...two dresses. Wha???

I want to say that the advertisements, red flashy store letters, posters of impossibly polished models, and soft cardigans rows in the store fronts are all to blame for my lack of shopping self-control.

I mean, just take a look at the Container Store for crying out loud. Does any other country have a Container Store? No! Why? Because, other than Americans, needs to CONTAIN all the stuff they own. Case in point, the store sells the following items:
-Accessory storage hangers
-Clear plastic hat boxes--the website even says "our boxes are one of our most frequently requested items"
-Customized Gift wrap center boxes that slip under you bed--for the professional wrapper in you

And yet...and yet...What I wouldn't do to own all three items! I really need to get a job so I can get income, so I can spend it on Mountains and Mountains O' Crap.

And inside, I am afraid that it's not really the advertisements that lure me to the stores. It's a little mutation in a gene on the 19th chromosome that has transformed me into a shopping addict.

Please, oh no, doctor, tell me it isn't true, tell me it isn't true! How much longer do I have to live? 60 years? Oh god, nooooooo.


dedicris said...

Okay Okay, drop it . Give us your p.o.box and we will fill with candies and socks. And talking of socks where has gone our once-she-will-be-a-pulitzer ? strudel

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how different we are when it comes to shopping :)
You hadn't told me you'd taken up blogging again, for shame!

Black River Eagle said...

It is wonderful to see that you are doing fine back in the States and that you are working on your blog again. Washington D.C.? What are you doing in Washington D.C.!!!? What's a nice girl like you doin in a snakepit like that?

Hope that you find a new job soon or better yet start a company of your own. Remember: Look in the Mirror and Lead!!! Here are some hot tips for you:

A bootcamp for U.S. healthcare professionals and NGO staffers BEFORE they leave to work in developing nations with extremely corrupt governments, armed rebels, and other difficult challenges.

Or how about "007 in Africa Documentary Films". Now there is a career move to think about. Heck, you already have a built-in audience for your productions.

Whatever you decide to do, good luck and heartfelt best wishes. Don't worry, you will soon find the job you are looking for or it will find you.

Anonymous said...

I'm confident in you as always.

take care sweet Lady 007 :o)


Laura said...

Well now I know what to get you for Christmas - a pair of scissors with which to cut up your bank card. ;)

007 in Africa said...

Strudel, my address is the following:
007 can dream
P.O. 222

Candy and socks won't get me very far I'm afraid. But thanks for the thought.

Ammo-I am ashamed

Thanks BRE, those are terrific ideas! I will look into them :)

Thanks Beav'

Laura, how about you get me NEW bankcards? It seems mine have expired...

Kristijan said...

Hey, the shoping spree comes from the lack of it in Congo. Sure you are catching up on other things too.
Just popped by to see how are you doing. Hang in there, temping also means it is temporary, right? Possitive thinking!!