November 30, 2006


The whole Looking-for-a-Job thing is so demeaning.

Adjective: demeaning
Causing awareness of your shortcomings
- humbling, humiliating, mortifying

Verb: demean
Reduce in worth or character, usually verbally
- take down, degrade, disgrace, put down
See also: demeaningly, undignified

Type of: abase, chagrin, humble, humiliate, mortify

Either you're spending hours tailoring your résumé and cover letters or you're calling people back to see if they can give you a definite yes or no answer.

It's incredibly demoralizing when you realise that:

1. Most jobs to which you have applied already have a chosen candidate. Organizations will post their jobs internally, allowing internal candidates to apply first. By the time they post on their external websites (for legal reasons job postings have to be shared), it's too late for you.

2. Large organizations have automated answering machines-you leave a message enquiring about your application and never hear from them again.

3. When you can talk to a human-being, he or she is not allowed to disclose anything about what is happening with the job selection.

4. The majority of jobs in DC are acquired through networking. When you're an introvert like me, the thought of bothering someone who's busy with their own work and asking them to evaluate your chances or contact someone they barely know, makes you cringe inside.

5. A friend told me that he's tracking if people are reading his emails. He tells me that, in some cases, people don't even bother to read the emails and just erase them immediately.

What's a girl like me to do?


Anonymous said...

Wow, now that I've seen it all in writing, I'm even more depressed! :)
Still, you've got to cheer up! You found a job once, which is definitely the hardest part (the first job), so you know you're capable of it. And there are lots of introverts out there who still manage to find good jobs!

Anonymous said...

Wow, beta blogger is a pain.
I agree with Ammo! You'll find one, eventually. In the meantime, just keep truckin'!

Qalamana said...

Du calme!
Breath deeply and don't give up: job-hunting is never easy, specially if you've spent some time "out of the market" living in a foreign country (I experienced it myself when came back from Senegal).
Cheer up, I'm pretty sure you'll fine something great, it's just a matter of time :)

Anonymous said...

Job hunting is always tough, but just about everybody has done it at some stage and been ritually humiliated in the process -- except perhaps George W, who got his job through his dad... Talking of which, if you see a good job for me, let me know!



Anonymous said...

It sucks to be looking for a job - and I am well placed to know how you feel. But do not let the harshness of the competition make you forget that you are a smart and charismatic young woman, and a skilled and seasonned program manager.

Much love to you,


erick said...

What a girl like you to do?
Return to Congo...
This so called civilised world is not for me.
I'll be happy to buy you a drink there.

dedicris said...

Chick, when I was around your age some relatives of mine living in Prividence offered me to go to the States. I said no thanks. Since then, every time I was looking for a job, here in Italy, I repented that no-thanks. What a stupid I was ! why didn't I migrate to the States where at every corner there are as many jobs as apples in an apple-tree.

(Well, ever heard of something called husband? All's fair in war. I will be glad to post any pic of you wearing a miniskirt, in black lacey, whatever may help).

Joking of course, being unemployed is like to be sick, you feel alone. But as a young chick you will soon recuperate.
Kiss. Strudel

Anonymous said...
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Carl said...

a girl like you should try the private sector and get out of D.C.

you get paid more, the competition isn't so intense, who you know doesn't count as much and you can probably do as much, or more, good for people who need it.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Wow, you've deleted lots of posts on this one! Censorship, censorship, booh!
I bet this one will be deleted too :)