November 06, 2006

Elucidated-The Mystery of the Wax Ball

The Best Response so far was from a Chinese Girl who says:

"Aha, how funny!

It's Chinese for sure. And it's a herbal medicine ball! First of all, the
yellow ball is made of wax and keeps the moisture of the herbal content. I
can read from the package the black ball is for strengthening kidney. If you
are really curious, they usually cut the black ball into small pieces and
then swallow them with warm water.

I guess it belongs to a male...but it could be a joke. "

But thanks to Laura who asked a total stranger in a Asian grocery store about it-that takes balls :)


Laura said...

That's nothing! Try buying your boyfriend a dhoti (a Gandhi-type male loin cloth) on an all-male floor in a department store in India, with sales clerks who only speak Tamil and who are either laughing at you or giving you the death stare. I don't think my face has ever been, or will ever be, as red as it was that day.

And the kicker is, it was too small anyway.

007 in Africa said...

Now THAT's a good story. I look forward to catching up :)

Anonymous said...

The kicker is definitely good :)
So what I want to know now is, are you going to try the medicine ball? :)

dedicris said...

..she opened the drawer to give a last glance to the yellow ball, but there was no ball inside! at a second glance she saw a white leaflet with only a red ring sketched on it. She cried and run to the boss' office. As soon as her boss saw the red ring, he became white and nearly fainted .... -We shall took it to Shylock Bones, - he whispered. (STRUDEL will not go further unless some pitiful soul translates the stuff in real English). Strudel

p.s. We all find our lives boring now. What's in the other drawer ? S.

Anonymous said...

RLFMAO ! This excellent!

I'm totally enjoying this. Thanks !


dedicris said...

T. Beaver,did you find anything interesting in your drawer ? do not blame me if nobody comes to your blog, then. strudel

Bob said...

Hey There!

I've actually taken this medicine before! One of the worst experiences of my life. I forget why. I just remember each taste making me want to throw up. You're supposed to take it in one gulp. My mom was screaming at me for not being a a man and stuff. Sounds funny now though. I owe you an email.